Range CZAR

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Semi-rigid boats of comfortable navigation, without pantocazos in spite of the waves. Much space of great rammer and solariums characterizes these boats





Totally safe and transporting comfortably to 7 people and with enormous coffers, he can take without problems fast and slim a motor of 90hp sailing like a nautical squirrel to motor and without needing title. Solariums has two independent, the forward is almost as great as a double bed.



Length: 4,50 ms

Sleeve: 2,16 ms

Diameter floating: 0,49 ms

Displacement: 330 kg

Maxima motorization: 90 CB

Seats: 7

Category EC: C



Czar 47


Four seats watching towards prow with ample spaces. Solariums independent of extraordinary dimensions in proportion to its dimensions has two. The cargo capacity, freight capacity is impressive, enormous coffers readily accessible. She is aerodynamic and slim and each detail has been constructed with special taken care of. The balance between elegance and functionality, space and solidity are unique. Perfect balance in its yield when sailing, very agile, easy to even maneuver and assures a smooth navigation with waves, even at high speed.

The Czar 47 is ideal for whom requires good yield, space, comfort and quality of construction, but does not want to resign to dimensions moderate and therefore easy to move and to transport in a tow


Length: 4,86 ms

Sleeve: 2,32 ms

Diameter floating: 0,52 ms

Displacement: 380 kg

Maxima motorization: 107 CB

Seats: 8

Category EC: C



Czar 53


8 comfortable places watching at prow, double solarium, 8 coffers to pack impossible and a series of combinations seats/solariums, matchless solarium/table. This boat has revolutionized the concept of the pneumatic ones, in only 5.35 meters combines all the innovations introduced by the project czar. Ideal for a family, who can enjoy fantastic and independent campings as much nautical by day as at night.

Czar 53 is excellent for all the uses. Everything has been designed and constructed for the maximum comfort. The helmet is deep and extended, very similar to the one of much more great boats, it offers a smooth navigation on the waves, maneuvering with stability and agility, all the qualities are unique in their category. The elegance of its lines and to their practical you turn it design into one of best the pneumatic ones

Length: 5.35 ms

Sleeve: 2,39 ms

Diameter floating: 0,52 ms


Displacement: 480 kg

Maxima motorization: 140 CB

Seats: 10

Category EC: B



Czar 57 - 57 Twin


Length: 5.71 ms

Sleeve: 2,48 ms

Diameter floating: 0,57 ms


Displacement: 580 kg

Maxima motorization: 155 CB

Seats: 10

Category EC: B



Czar 57 WellDeck



With one more a sleeve wider than he makes of this model a boat of great versatility, with many spaces and coffers of rammer. Exceptionally marine thanks to the pronounced “V” of its prow. He surprises his transformable and extremely multipurpose cover. It is a Open able to become an ample solarium from stern prow.




Length: 5.77 ms

Sleeve: 2,54 ms

Diameter floating: 0,53 ms 

Displacement: 680 kg

Maxima motorization: 155 CB

Seats: 12

Category EC: B




Czar 61


The perfect balance between all the fantastic components is the value of this semi-rigid one. Easy to tow and to store, Czar 61 with a length of 6 meters offers to his occupants all the space and the comfort for a life on board first class. He has 10 coffers where all the imaginable one can be kept, 8/9 constructed seats watching to prow with an anatomical profile, two enormous solariums greater than two double beds, a console of control with as functional double seat as in a luxury car, the seat of the conductor carefully is studied for an apposition of perfect navigation, as much standing up, semi-is seated or seated. Its worthy careening of one 7 meters, releases and deep for a very smooth and dry impact on the waves, fast and safe until in the worse conditions of navigation, agile and manageable in the port maneuvers.



Length: 6,07 ms

Sleeve: 2,54 ms

Diameter floating: 0,53 ms

Displacement: 750 kg

Maxima motorization: 180 CB

Seats: 12

Category EC: B







Czar 65 - 65 Suite

Czar 65 is great, extensive and comfortable, a true ship standard. Spaces and volumes everywhere without waste. Everything is functional, thought and constructed with concrete aims. The 8/9 places watching to prow have been conceived for the maximum comfort.

Seats the done in agreement with best and modern ergonomic studies like in the most prestigious limousines. Been born the comfort and to outdoors enjoy navigation and the life, Czar 65 will provide emotions and a not at all common yield to all the lucky people own who it. He is quick and safe, smooth on the waves, maneuverable and agile still by far sea. Merit of a careening in deep V and what would be possible to hope of one six and a far beyond average length. Czar 65 is also fantastic when they are wanted to express the space possibilities to the maximum and of enjoying the sun and the sea. Two enormous solariums in prow and stern, the possibility of one dinette in prow with table, coffers and much space to move easily.

The natural vocation by the comfort of Czar 65 and for the life outdoors, has taken to the designers to put in manufacture a baptized special series like Suite. Therefore all the space has been rethink and rearranged, securing a zone in stern to eat, to speak, really, to be comfortable. The zone in the form of Either is able to welcome in 4 people of way very ample and two the more seated in the seat of the conductor, lowering the endorsement towards prow. The table in center of the U adjusts to that Or and it becomes an immense solarium, just as the previous version, comfortable and still more versatile.



Length: 6,50 ms

Sleeve: 2,55 ms

Diameter floating: 0,53 ms

Displacement: 880 kg

Maxima motorization: 201 CB

Seats: 12

Category EC: B



Czar 73 Sky Deck

An integrated concept: a very extensive stateroom with a great bed for 3 people and equipped with the great workable portholes, a vast with marine WC, skillful independent and isolated cleanliness, washbasin and all the accessories of a true one I roast, a vestibule that allows a person of cuts normal to change without skirting itself.

An outer comidita in Or for 5 people quickly convertible in an enormous sun bath or a bank of 4 places seated in front of the sea for a comfortable and safe navigation. Kit cooks equipped of a refrigerator, a sink and a small furnace with two fires that appear as by art of magic under it soothes of the pilot. Solarium placed on the bridge, back platform equipped with a footbridge to arrive easily at the route, a coffer for the stern anchor and the accessories of soaking. The sobreraised control post allows to maintain the sea supremacy and assures a comfort during navigation.



Length: 7,30 ms

Sleeve: 2,55 ms

Diameter floating: 0,53 ms

Displacement: 1,600 kg

Maxima motorization: 220 CB

Seats: 10

Category EC: B







Czar 75 - 75 Suite - 75 Extra - 75 Suite Extra

Czar 75 is a transformismo champion. It is the most versatile model of range. Available with two different consoles and two different habilitativas solutions in stern. Four original options, four models. Whatever model that chooses, will find 9 places march, comfortable in front like the hall its house that in santiamén will become an extension from cushions and will transform the cover into a zolarium.

Czar 75 conjugates spaces and unusual volumes with elegance and modernity of architectonic lines of vanguard. The conduct in the water is absolutely excellent. The long careening in V profundísima with the stem very outpost and
sharpened that guarantees an impact with the exceptionally smooth wave. Very quick, very maneuverable, he is able to turn in angles very reduced, seems that it goes on a train rail, never leaves. The security and the stability are their main record. It is incredibly easy to maneuver in difficult conditions and the maneuvers of dockage with wind and in little propitious conditions. The annoying lateral water splash, simply does not exist, to get wet, will have to resort to the shower that stops that is.

Length: 7,42 ms

Sleeve: 2,82 ms

Diameter floating: 0,57 ms

Displacement: 1,100 kg

Maxima motorization: 280 CB

Seats: 14

Category EC: B


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