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   Mk Ocean innovating Solutions of publicity


I connect Navigations


MK OCEAN (Madrid). A different publicity. Déjenos a hollow in its means plan and will be surprised. Navegue towards a new form to make publicity. The seas offer a universal infinite of advertizing possibilities. Aprovéchelas. Escape of the conventional thing and secures notoriety in its actions. It chooses different means, the sea hopes to him

Valencian agency of the tourism (Valencia). Nautical in the Valencian Community

Boat Museum Bonitero Reina of the Carmen. (Burela - Lugo). After 30 years of activity, this bonitero boat became in Museum.


CDAF. (Madrid). Company dedicated to the security and integral protection against fires.

Pictures of knots. (Argentina). Pictures and Clocks of Marine Knots, different sizes and designs, ideals for the decoration.

Dictionary Nautical. (Argentina). First dictionary of nautical terms really hypertextual in Castilian

Lights of Galicia. (Galicia). Information on lights: its history, documentation, bibliography. Lights of Galicia: location, photos

Janerbus.com. (Majorca - the Balearics). Company of transport of travellers, transfers from airport and port, excursions by the island.

Scale models of Boats. (Argentina). New concept in scale models. 2 scale models of mts of length average. They are not imitation.

Naval Maquetismo (Cadiz). Artisan company dedicated from 1980 to the construction of scale models by order. Perfect retorts of its original ones.

Micaela. (Uruguay - Punta del Este). Nautical artist of sport, has acrylics of great dimensions 

Nautical Valencian Community (Valencian Community). Tourist vestibule, listing of companies of nautical activities of the Valencia

RosarioNáutico (Rosary - Argentina) nautical Information at local level Rosary and national in Argentina


Sea-Andean factory (Chile). Factory of art and nautical decoration. 

Yacths Food (Majorca - the Balearics) offers a service to Him of Online purchases and deliveries for yachts and property in Majorca.


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