Sun Fast 3200


Total newness of Jeanneau that is unmarked of the traditional molds to offer a boat without commitments. Initially conceived for regata transquadra (from France to Martinique), new SunFast 3200 will possibly become the funniest sailboat of those than we know this next season.

It is not necessary more to lose a second to realize in question unit to run, with a careening that remember to the one of the monotypes, with double rudder, candles of kevlar and Mylar, helmet in infusion, lead keel/steel, determine the proportions good above-water portion of a ship and a interior that does without the classic decorations and other superfluous elements.

Of the first look we appreciated an aggressive decoration with red his gelcoat and black lines horizontal chords to its regatero spirit. The helmet is thought to offer power in abundance as it demonstrates his wide stern to it that has forced its designer Jean-Fran1cois Prémorel to equip it with two shovels of rudder as we are already customary to see in the competition boats. The rudder as much offers much sensitivity and sensations in the cane as in the bar. But in spite of the radicalidad of its design, a good angle of 137º of stability to the upset stays.

The bathtub offers all the aid of distributed maneuvers either, with bar of escota totally located in stern and generous dimensions, able to realize obtained settings or in the major. Also in stern and trim in the bathtub between two canes we see a coffer that lodges the life raft, giving security sensation the facility of maneuver in case of having the one to use. Right in the later part of the cover and in each band we found two bulwarks practicable as also we are customary to see in the monotypes. All the winchs are Harken of two distributed speeds and in the correct sites allowing to work correctly with them.

Of the 3.4 tons of displacement, 1,300 kilos belong to the keel formed by a bulb of lead and steel keel of smelting, able to offer sufficient pair of adrizamiento to their candles formed by a Genoa with 115% of covering and 49 meters square. Almost the same that have occurred to the major of 51 m2, although also can be decided on a provided Code 5 of 70m2 of Facnor coiler, and as lifting candles genaker or spi of up to 83 m2. A boat with power as we already commented able to glide without problems around the 10 knots from force 4!


But the new SunFast de Jeanneau is not only one machine of races, of taming easy and accredited even IRC. Luckyly it offers a level of inner equipment that in anything is looked like the Spartan distributions of the IMOCA and other beasts of competition. For that reason also it is perfectly valid for programs of cruise of recreation, that if, leaving back all the other sailboats who put themselves by the prow.

In stern there are two double identical cabins and with the hall the 6 people will add who can sleep on board. The hall has a moderate height of 1.80 M.s in whose center a narrow table in front of both banks located in both bands has get ready. Nothing else to lower we found to a band the kitchen in “L” and to the other side the letter table with the electronic instrumentation. In prow one is an ample zone cleared with bath WC and washbasin and site in which also to be able to store the coats of candles. This zone can be sealed completely constituting a bulkhead of security in case of via of water that could be generated in the prow because of a shock with some floating object. First of all security and much speed.

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Sun Fast 3200

List of credits


  Length:           9,79 ms
  Sleeve:           3,48 ms
  Openwork:           1,90 ms
  Displacement:         3,400 kg
  Weight Keel/Bulb:         1,360 kg
  Motorization:          Yanmar
  Motor power:             15 CB
  Bunks:            4 + 2

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Jeanneau Spain Newco

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