Oceanis 411 Celebration

The Oceanis 411 Celebration is an edition special and limited of world-wide best-seller offering of series more benefits candle and motor, more equipment in cover and the bathtub…

With respect to the version Clipper, this special edition of the Oceanis 411 Celebration, it offers advantages even more:  


- For the benefits and the fitted facility in, with lengths and to motor: a mast extended, great and powerful candles but, a above-water portion of a ship of redefined cover and mast, a motor but adapted and quiet with a folding three-blade propeller.





- For the quality of life and the comfort on cover and in the bathtub: a level of equipment never reached of series, pack of instruments electrical complete including.





- To mark to the distinction and the peculiarity of this limited series: an exclusive decoration in the blue helmet navy and a luxurious tapestry in the hall form standard.




Besides all this, the Oceanis 411 Celebration follows the line of its predecessors when we spoke of comfort, elegance and Beneteau qualities, which turns to him into an irresistible temptation.


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