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And-Complexion 300: sudden power!

Ride Is; Yamaha F-350 V8, safe power

Yamaha F-350, a domesticated monster

Yamaha motors: Conózcalos!

Motors Evinrude E-TEC

Yamaha range 4 times - 2008

New features Evinrude E-TEC - 2.008

Yamaha intraembroiders: HYDRA Drive

Advantages Evinrude E-TEC

Fuerabordas Electrical: Quiet ecology

Fuerabordas Ecological

Yamaha motors and their boats

Yamaha range 2 times

Demo Days E-TEC

Motors Johnson

New features Evinrude E-TEC - 2.006

Range Evinrude E-TEC - 2.005



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EVINRUDE: Fuerabordas of high respectful benefits under consumption and with the environment. Its And-Complexion technology of direct injection guarantees a reliability without precedents. From 40 to 300 CB of power to install in its mirror of stern.

YAMAHA: Unquestionable leader. An extensive range of motorizations from the 2.5 to the 350 CVs. The famous reliability of Yamaha is legendary. No other mark of motors fueraborda has more loyal running hours, neither the more clients, as much enters the fans the nautical one of recreation like between the demanding professionals of the sea.

JOHNSON: Ever since first fueraborda entered the water in 1.921, Johnson has guided itself by a simple and unshakeable philosophy: “I fish, soon I exist. More than 80 years later, we continued constructing the most resistant motors and with innovating technological advances.


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