All the information on Meteorology necessary to sail, the meteo to your reach, to understand the weather forecasts, the tides, the parts to sail surely


More important connections of Meteo


National institute of Meteorology. To always consider

State agency of Meteorology. Prediction of Surge. Important

Weather on Line Information of the time.  Very good!

Tides Calculation of tides. 


Articles of Meteorology


 Meteo I - the meteo without secrets

 Keys to understand the marine meteo

 The Tornados

 The Monsoons

 What is the “ZCIT”?

 The Trade winds

 To receive the meteo

 The Phenomenon of “the Boy”

 Why the wind does not blow of the discharges to the low pressures?

 How they appear the predominant winds and their directions?

  The “40 Rugientes”

  Storms or Cyclones. Differences and similarities

  The atmospheric cells: The circulation of winds

  The Jets Streams; or How works the Atmosphere?

  Hurricanes, Cyclones and Typhoons. In what they are different?

  Why there are no Hurricanes in the South Hemisphere?

 Why the abrupt change of wind when sailing with weather?

  The fog in the Sea

  Rays on the high seas

  The formation of a Storm

  Beaufort scale

  Scale of Douglas

  Wind rose

  The Fronts

  The Tsunamis

  Storms of summer

  Earth and sea breeze


and many more in ......


Another Enlaces de Meteorología


Ceamet (Valencian Community) Meteorology of Foundation CEAM.

European center of Predictions in the mid term

Dartcom Photos of satellite

Meteorological dictionary Terms used in meteorology

The Time Weather data worldwide

The Time

The Time in America

Meteorological glossary

Infomet (Catalonia) metereológica Vostre servant d´informatió

Institute of Meteorology of Portugal the time in Portugal

Meteorological institute of Catalonia (Catalonia)

Mareando.com wind and surge in your moving body.

Meteo Consult French Weather forecasts

Meteored Weather forecasts

Met Office English Weather forecasts

Noaa Wavewatch Table of waves

Weather station (Sort - Lérida)

Ocean Weather (Sort - Lérida)

Oratgenet (Valencian Community). Meteo in the Valencian Community.

Prediction anywhere in the world

Puertos.es Oceanography and meteorology

SSEC Temperature of all the seas. 

Surface Temperature Temperature of coasts and currents. 

Time in Ibiza Information of the time in Ibiza. 

Spain Severe Weather the News on situations Severe Time 

Weather News the News of the time. Marine services 

WindFinder wind Predictions and waves 

Wind Guru wind Predictions



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