Range SUN FAST (Jeanneau)

   The sailboats Sun Fast are the fruit of a long work search whose results are around the dreams of more of a navigator. These boats of sport character reunite simplicity, comfort and benefits. With his marine sensitivity, you will appreciate the lines, the volumes, the designed unpublished details of specific form for the Sun Fast.



   Benefits yet type of time and conditions of the sea. Equipped with best acastillage, harmonious design of cover, voluminous in the interior, the Sun Fast 32i owns the perfect balance between a fast careening signed by Philippe Briand and an exceptional comfort in two cabins


Length: 9,90 ms

Sleeve: 3,31 ms

Openwork: 1,98 ms

Displacement: 4,190 kg

Beds: 4/6

Sup. Warlike: 54 m2

Motorization: 30 HP

CAP. Fuel: 70 ls

CAP. Water: 170 ls

Certificate EC: A-4/C-8




   A signed regatero Lombard. After the presentation of the Sun Odyssey 35 in September 2002, chosen boat of the year in the Hall Oslo and winner of top 10 of Sailing Magazine in the United States, this sailboat has obtained an enormous success this season with than 300 units more sold. The Sun Fast ahead arrives at the market from the boats from cruise-regata with a good future his.



Length: 10,75 ms

Sleeve: 3,47 ms

Displacement: 5,535 kg

Staterooms: 2/3

Sup. Warlike: 67 m2

Motorization: 34 HP

CAP. Fuel: 130 ls

CAP. Water: 310 ls

Certificate EC: A-8/B-8/C-10




   The Sun Fast 37 is oriented towards the benefits to candle. The optimization for all the ratings of regatas allows to confront them with the best ones. The Sun Fast 37 is equipped with a lead keel of 2,04m, a great suspended rudder, a mast with two floors of crosspieces, a rigging “Dyform”, a coiler of Genoa “profile regata” with detachable drum, acastillage Harken, a bar of escota in the bathtub, an equipment high range…


Length: 11,40 ms

Sleeve: 3,70 ms

Openwork: 2,07 ms

Displacement: 6,250 kg

Standard motor: 40 HP

Beds: 6/8

Deposit Water: 320 ls

Deposit Diesel oil: 136 ls

Sup. Warlike: 88 m2

EC: A-8



SUN FAST 40,3 (newness 2005)

   The Sun Fast 40,3 designed by Daniel Andrieu and Jeanneau Design, offers a careening with great benefits. Their interiors are optimized for the fast cruise and their equipment of series Harken cover, makes of this sailboat a safe value.

Length: 12,20 ms

Sleeve: 3,95 ms

Openwork: 2,10 ms


Displacement: 8,190 kg

Standard motor: 59 HP

Beds: 6/8

Deposit Water: 340 ls

Deposit Diesel oil: 136 ls

Sup. Warlike: 84 m2

EC: A-9 

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