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   Sport and adventure for all the family with these boats Sport of maximum quality that offer magnificent benefits and a simple maintenance. 


Sport Faeton 980

    Adventure, deports and strong emotions combined with the quality and the tranquility that this boat grants that bases on its marine helmet one of its principles advantages. A one of the few boats Sport with transmission by axes and helmet in “deep V” to guarantee a comfortable navigation at any speed in adverse conditions of sea.

   The noticeable sport character reiterates in its ample solarium located in prow and a motorization of until 630cv with diesel engines of injection or the last generation of electronic motors.

   The operating bridge is designed with the space required for the maximum comfort of whom it handles the wheel and it is completed with robust a later arc whose assignment is the subjection of antennas and electronic accessories and awnings parasol.

   Sport Faeton 980 is the suitable option for the lovers of the leisure and the diversion in the sea


Length: 9,83 ms

Sleeve: 3,36 ms

Openwork: 0,70 ms

Prop: 1,68 ms

Displacement: 4,500 kg



Standard motor: 2 xs 315 HP

Deposit Diesel oil: 850 ls

Deposit Water: 150 ls

Cabins: 1+1

Places: 10



Faeton 29 Scape

    The stability is the most notable characteristic of this boat of 9 meters of length and almost 3 meters of sleeve. Destined to a especially sport use, it nevertheless does not neglect the maximum advantage of the near space for the obtaining of the principles comforts for the cruise because it counts on kitchen and independent bath.

   Its powerful simple or double motorization allows him to reach speeds of vertigo gliding with facility. With capacity of up to 8 crew who will be able to take advantage of the solarium in prow and stern and the ample platform bath, besides practicing nautical sports like the water skiing or the diving.

   Powerful, safe, stable and comfortable a boat with which to sail and to enjoy the sea

Length: 7,49 ms

Sleeve: 2,90 ms

Openwork: 0,40 ms

Prop: 1,50 ms

Displacement: 2,570 kg

Standard motor: 300 HP



Deposit Diesel oil: 400 ls

Deposit Water: 90 ls

Cabins: 1

Places: 8



Faeton 26 Scape

   More than eight meters of length and almost three of offer they conform the near space of this boat designed especially for the practice of the sport and the summery leisure. A distribution studied for the perfect benefit of navigation with the best benefits required by most demanding of the users. Especially it is indicated for the practice of the ski, diving and aquatic activities: it counts on a great coffer of rammer located in the corridor from exit to the platform.

   This boat counts on ample lateral corridors that facilitate the mobility of their occupants towards prow.

   Two ample solarium in pro and stern besides a generous platform of bath circumscribe the limits of a boat that will make the delights of the most adventurous families and of the lovers of the sport and the sea


Length: 7,02 ms

Sleeve: 2,79 ms

Openwork: 0,38 ms

Prop: 1,38 ms

Displacement: 2,000 kg

Standard motor: 260 HP



Deposit Diesel oil: 230 ls

Deposit Water: 55 ls

Cabins: 1

Places: 6


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