Rampage range

Rampage offers designed and really well constructed extensive boats and. The deep-sea fishing is its fort and this activity conscientiously requires boats constructed and thought about all aspects by professionals.

The result jumps at sight. Comfortable bathtubs with ample breeding grounds and coffers of great capacity, control posts in equipped Flybridge and Bridgdeck with control turrets, interiors very obtained and comfortable.

And most important… A design able to confront any sea, and a comfortable and safe navigation. Rampage offers true boats of deep-sea fishing.

Rampage obtains perfect boats thanks to its mentality of well-known as “they read” and oriented work to the “total quality” in all the process of manufacture. Any detail that is susceptible to be improved immediately is adopted. Thanks to this form to work the efficiency improves at the same time as the waste of materials and time is diminished. The processes you implement yourself with simplicity and of very intelligent form remembering the requests that demand the market and its clients. 

By all this a cycle of faster and efficient production is obtained, at the same time as all the propose improvements by the clients and many of them are offered fruit of the exhaustive tests which all models are put under.

 Rampage 30 Express

OffShore design:  Helmets thought for its total security and designed with high naval engineering to improve the benefits and marine capacity.


Length: 8,76 ms

Sleeve: 3,43 ms

Openwork: 0,86 ms

Prop: 2,39 ms

Displacement: 5,400 kg

Motorization: 2 xs 375 HP

Staterooms: 1

Bunks: 2+2

Dep. Water: 117 ls.

Dep. Fuel: 946 ls.

Dep. Black waters: 75 ls.

Bel. Maxima: 30 knots

Bel. Cruise: 24 knots




Rampage 33 Barta Canyon



Length: 10,00 ms

Sleeve: 4,00 ms

Openwork: 0,74 ms

Prop: 2,59 ms

Displacement: 5,262 kg

Motorization: 2 xs 425 HP

Staterooms: 2

Bunks: 4+2

Dep. Water: 227 ls.

Dep. Fuel: 1.278 ls.

Dep. Black waters: 170 ls.




Rampage 33 Express

Length: 10,06 ms

Sleeve: 3,96 ms

Openwork: 0,74 ms

Displacement: 7,802 kg

Motorization: 2 xs 460 HP



Floating apartments:  All Rampage models are thought to obtain the maximum comfort. Wood worked with care, comfortable halls with quality furniture, staterooms, practical kitchens and totally equipped.


Staterooms: 2

Bunks: 4+2

Dep. Water: 227 ls.

Dep. Fuel: 1.279 ls.

Dep. Black waters: 170 ls.



Rampage 38 Express

Perfect careenings: Its outpost naval engineering allows Rampage to offer studied careenings conscientiously to sail in any sea disturbance.


Length: 11,25 ms

Sleeve: 4,19 ms

Openwork: 1,07 ms

Prop: 2,74 ms

Displacement: 9,527 kg

Motorization: 2 xs 575 HP

Staterooms: 1

Bunks: 2+2

Dep. Water: 330 ls.

Dep. Fuel: 1.514 ls.

Dep. Black waters: 113 ls.







Rampage 41 Express



Length: 12,50 ms

Motorization: 2 xs 575 HP

Staterooms: 2

Bunks: 4+2








Convertible Rampage 45

Length: 13,72 ms

Sleeve: 4,88 ms

Openwork: 1,22 ms

Prop: 4,27 ms

Displacement: 16329 kg




Motorization: 2 xs 715 HP

Staterooms: 2

Bunks: 4+2

Dep. Water: 379 ls.

Dep. Fuel: 2.498 ls.



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The clients interested in realizing a test of sea with some boat can go to the offices in the Mediterranean of Sail or Dream in Tarragona or to the offices of Millenium Marine in Bilbao. 


In order to extend information:


Sail or Dream

Marine Port Tarraco - Soft Lérida Edif. 3 the Premises 5

43004 Tarragona


Tf. 977 229 214 - 671 508 439

Web email



Millenium Marine

Gardoqui cardinal, 9 4º Dcha

48008 Bilbao


Tf. 944 356 780

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