Leader range (Jeanneau)

   The generation of the Leader is distinguished by an excellent careening, stable and fast, and very good behavior in navigation. Their cabins, exceptionally great and cosy, invite to multiply the pleasures of the stroll of the small cruise, the fishing or the ski nautical. Faithful to the tradition Jeanneau speedboat racing, Leader range was hut and intra embroiders, is constructed according to the European norms, Veritas and ISO 9001


Leader 515

   Leader 515 maintains the sea supremacy perfectly. With his familiar and unique silhouette, it is a pleasure to ask for thorough this smooth and attractive careening. Each exit to the sea is a reason for happiness. With the arrival of the first sunny days, it programs a coastal stroll, ski nautical, fishes or diving. In each situation, the comfort is exceptional and in addition surely.

Length: 5,15 ms

Sleeve: 2,12 ms

Displacement: 560 kg

Pot. Maxima: 90 HP

Deposit Diesel oil: 80 ls

Category EC: C - 5



Leader 545

   Leader 545 is born within the great Jeanneau tradition. It has been conceived first of all to totally take advantage of the pleasures the speed besides conserving an exceptional comfort as much sailing as cast anchor.


Length: 5,43 ms

Sleeve: 2,35 ms

Openwork: 0,30 ms

Displacement: 760 kg

Pot. Maxima: 122 HP

Deposit Diesel oil: 100 ls

Category EC: C - 6 


Leader 605

   A net and flat wake for the ski nautical, one estabiliad in turned the pleasure…. Behind its tense and smooth lines, Leader 605 gives a sensation of comfort and security that is confirmed in the sea, as much concerning bathtub as of the luminous cabin. The quality of its conception and its equipment responds to a multipurpose familiar program perfectly


Length: 6,08 ms

Sleeve: 2,48 ms

Openwork: 0,33 ms

Displacement: 965 kg

Pot. Maxima: 228 HP

CAP. Fuel: 136 ls

Category EC: C - 7



Leader 705

   Five days in the Atlantic coast, 8 days in the Mediterranean… And because not next year in Venice. You choose. Leader 705 will be let guide easily by the sea. It does not pass thanks to the designers Garoni and Musio Room unnoticed that has contributed to 705 Leader that unique Italian touch besides the Jeanneau quality


Length: 7,15 ms

Sleeve: 2,59 ms

Openwork: 0,37 ms

Displacement: 1,650 kg

Pot. Maxima: 310 HP

CAP. Fuel: 200 ls.

CAP. Water: 56 ls.

Category EC: B-6


Leader 805

   Innovation, space, comfort for this great design del that is not stopped speaking. It is the Italian creation fit by Jeanneau experience that surprises again. The remarkable style and the inimitable conception confirm the first impressions. Nervous line, level of exceptional equipment for this Leader 805 of great class. It admires the smooth forms, the precision in the cover plane of which all their personality in the water will be guessed.

Length: 7,49 ms

Sleeve: 2,95 ms

Openwork: 0,54 ms


Displacement: 3,410 kg

Pot. Maxima: 2 xs 250 HP

Beds: 2 +2

CAP. Fuel: 320 ls

CAP. Water: 100 ls.

Category EC: B-7/C-9

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