Range Swift-sailing Gulf of BEAM


   The sailboats “Gulf” are modern and comfortable boats that surprise by their relieved and functional interiors, that flee from the stridencies and sophistication. A practical distribution and a clear combination of very present colors (blue and creams and wood) allow to increase to the sensation of amplitude and calidez.

   You will be able to enjoy really good benefits, because its behavior in all the courses is agile and shows great facility of acceleration


Gulf 7.50


Total length: 7.50 ms

Length Helmet: 6.80 ms

Sleeve: 3.00 ms

Openwork: 1,5 ms

Displacement: 1,000 kg

Combustible deposit: 30 Ls

Water tank: 100 Ls

Sup. Warlike: 34 m2

Maximum power: 20 KW


Qualification: 6-8 people



Gulf 9.80


Total length: 9.90 ms

Length Helmet: 9.60 ms

Sleeve: 3.30 ms

Broth: 1,95 ms        

Displacement: 3,452 kg

Ballast: 1,000 kg

Motorization:  Yanmar Sail-Drive 20hp

Cabins: 2

Bunks: 6

Deposit water: 150 Ls

Combustible deposit: 55 Ls

Major: 33 m2

Genoa 110%:25 m2

I: 11,9 ms

J: 3,6 ms

P: 12,7 ms

E: 4,5 ms

Category EC: B/A

Unsinkable: Optional

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