Range Elan Impression

Impression range, is the range of sail boats type cruise of the Elan shipyard. Outposts construction technologies make of these sailboats our better friend in the sea, insurances and very marine, they do not forget the necessary details for our comfort.

Impression 344

Total length: 10,46 M.s

Length of Helmet: 9,99 M.s

Length of Floatation: 8,79 M.s

Sleeve: 3,49 M.s

Openwork: 1,60 M.s


Displacement: 6,000 kg

Motorization: 19/29 HP

CAP. Water: 238/468 ls.

CAP. Fuel: 110 ls.

Staterooms: 2/3

Bunks: 4/6 + 2


Major: 27,80 m2.

Genoa: 30,25 m2

Spinnaker: 79,50 m2

Height Mast: 14,90 ms

Category EC: A


Impression 384


Total length: 11,55 M.s

Length of Helmet: 11,25 M.s

Length of Floatation: 10,00 M.s

Sleeve: 3,91 M.s

Openwork: 1,80/1,50 M.s

Displacement: 7,600 kg

Motorization: 29/40 HP




CAP. Water: 240/512 ls.

CAP. Fuel: 165 ls.

Staterooms: 2/3

Bunks: 4/6 + 2

Major: 37,91 m2.

Genoa: 38,11 m2

Spinnaker: 98 m2

Height Mast: 16,57 M.s

Category EC: A



Impression 434

A high freeboard and the house semielevated with concession to the design, the great lateral windows and numerous hatchways guarantee the inner luminosity. Also the exteriors are thought for the maximum comfort of the crucerista. The bathtub is presided over by double rolls, which facilitates the passage to the bath platform, with theca. The ample central table account with a rammer space that up to eight companions at table who can sit down comfortably will be thankful.
Ample lateral, guardamancebos corridors of considerable height and the optional theca facilitate the transit by cover, cleared thanks to the sendings back on the cover of the house, where the car of escota of the major has been located also.

If to enjoy the sun and the life outdoors in Impression 434 it is guaranteed, the crew comfort does not defraud. The hall semihigh account with an amplitude far beyond the one that is expected in 43 feet, been useful very well to make of this boat an authentic apartment in which enjoy long passages. The decoration has thought about warm and summer tones, to which they contribute numerous windows and lateral openings. Two windows fit symmetrically in panelado the gray white Rep it and of the ceiling

The zone by day is formed by one equipped good kitchen to starboard, and a great table of folding wings, with a sofa in C to starboard and a bank to port. The port band reserve for the navigation corner that has a great table and lateral spaces of rammer, like under the seat. To stern of the same, the main bath, with separated shower and corner for the wet clothes.

Total length: 13,41 M.s

Length of Helmet: 13,00 M.s

Length of Floatation: 11,45 M.s

Sleeve: 4,18 M.s

Openwork: 1,90/1,60 M.s


Displacement: 10,900 kg

Motorization: 55/75 HP

CAP. Water: 516/788 ls.

CAP. Fuel: 270 ls.

Staterooms: 2/3/4

Bunks: 4/6/8 + 2


Major: 46,47 m2.

Genoa: 52,47 m2

Spinnaker: 135,45 m2

Height Mast: 18,37 m2

Category EC: A


Impression 514 Maxi

Modern and with finishing of luxury. Impression 514 takes the seal of Rob Humphreys, guarantee of excellent design and benefits of navigation. More the outposts technologies in design, the long experience of the best professionals, interiors of maximum quality and taken care of details are combined to make of 514 Impression a sailboat who will satisfy the most demanding shipbuilders.

The major of range follows the lines characteristic of the Impression: a hall elevated with great lateral large windows and openings superiors that guarantee natural light and excellent views.


Total length: 16,10 M.s

Length of Helmet: 15,69 M.s

Length of Floatation: 13,76 M.s

Sleeve: 4,68 M.s

Openwork: 2,20 M.s

Displacement: 18,000 kg

Motorization: 75/100 HP


CAP. Water: 780 ls.

CAP. Fuel: 440 ls.

Staterooms: from 2 to 5

Major: 68,30 m2.

Genoa: 78 m2

Genaker: 133 m2

Category EC: A

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