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Complete information on the electronics of your boat. Companies of the sector. Articles with ample information on electronic equipment: radars, radios VHF, chart plotter, reflectors of radar, radios BLU, autopilots, wind equipment, tracks, soundings, cartography, translators, to transponder, etc.


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Articles of Nautical Electronics


Chart Plotter For when the future?

The most complete Radio


Marine electronics towards the PC?

Inmarsat 4 Fleetbroadband; finally the definitive communication

Reflectors of radar: all the truth

Thuraya and Iridium: two reasonable solutions


VHF with digital selective ringing

The autopilot

Trasductores thoroughly

To sail with Chart Plotter or letters

Slight knowledge of radar


and many more in ......


Another Nautical Enlaces - Electronic Nautical


Aagel Hempel (Algeciras - Cadiz) Sale and repair equipment navigation and communication on board. It belongs to the Arbulu group (Crame, Nautical and N&C)

Instrumental Autonautic (Barcelona). Manufacturing company of nautical compasses, weather stations and of decoration. Repair of compasses

Naval cable We installed and we repaired all class of electronic equipment in recreation boats. We explained to you in-situ the operation of the equipment.


Crame (Madrid). Provision, installation and maintenance of marine electronic equipment. Permanent service 24 hours.

Dahlberg (Majorca). Cleaning, electronics and instrumentation. Official technical service of the represented companies

Hydrographic deposit. (Barcelona). Center of instruments, Nautical Letters and Specialties. Distributers of desalination, compasses, etc

Dinatec (Palma de Mallorca - the Balearics). We do of navigation everything a pleasure. We like to work with best products.

Direct Naval Electronics (Gandía - Denia - Alicante) Electronic SIMRAD, of which they are distributing of the mark in the East coast.

Designs and Technology (Barcelona). Digital instrumentation of panel and sist. to modulate of panels eléct. for boats.

Disvent (Barcelona) graphical Soundings Humminbird, Autopilots Cetrek, GPS Geonav and Cetrek. Antennas of TV and communications Via Satellite.

ElecNaval (the Ferrol - Corunna). Company managed to the design and assembly of naval and industrial electrical systems

Elektron Sale of material of renewable energies and environmental measurement